A Band of New Friends

Our  music camp programs are truly the best you can find, surrounded by
a stunning location and nurturing camp with professional and friendly
staff.   We accept campers without auditioning, complimenting our unique
non competitive atmosphere. In this spirit Long Lake campers immerse
themselves and flourish in music.  We offer private lessons in al lout
instruments as well as ensembles and bands. Both beginners and
accomplished musicians alike play in the spotlight with performance
pieces  chosen by you. Our music campers enjoy our friendly atmosphere
and the fast paced rehearsal schedule leading up to our spectacular,
professional looking and sounding productions.
call us on 1800 767 7111
Email. marc@longlakecamp.com                                         Tell. 1800 767 7111          Fax. 914 693 7684
Learn with new friends and natural beauty

  • We have dedicated music faculty in:

  • Classical voice, jazz voice, contemporary voice, musical theatre

  • Rock guitar, Jazz, Blues, Classical, Heavy Metal, Instrumental

  • All Saxaphones, Flute, Piccolo, all Clarinets, Oboe, Bassoon.

  • All trumpets, French horn, Tenor and Bass Trombone, Euphonium,

  • Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass (French and German), Harp.

  • Drum set (rock, contemporary, and Jazz), Concert Percussion,
    Mallet Percussion (6-mallet).  

We offer all campers at all levels the opportunity to be involved in
symphony orchestra, wind ensemble, a cappella  chorus, vocal jazz, big
band, jazz combo, and drumline.  In addition, music faculty work with
campers to help them create their own ensembles, including but not
limited to: rock bands / contemporary music ensembles, string quartets /
ensembles, brass quintets / ensembles, woodwind quintets /
ensembles, guitar ensembles, voice ensembles, and percussion

Most importantly, our music faculty encourages the campers to explore
what they want to create, and help them make it happen.  Classes,
private lessons, and individual coaching are always available for help
with music selection, composition, rehearsal, and recording.  All
campers and camper ensembles have the option to be recorded either
live in concert, as a studio movie production, or in our new full-digital
36-track recording studio.

Truly, the Long Lake Camp for the Arts Music Department is not only a
"candy store" for campers to choose from, but also a high-quality
"kitchen" for them to create whatever they can imagine!

The secret to our success is how comfortable our musicians feel on
stage because of our regular live stage performances. At long lake you
put into practice what you learn both during rehearsals and our music
master classes. Our campers gain in personal confidence and a very
positive feeling of self worth and accomplishment being part of a band
of new friends.