"At our music camp you are never left out"

           A day full of music...
We have 7 one hour periods a day for you to design your ultimate summer
music camp experience.  All our camp bands rehearse daily  plus we have
evening rehearsals once a week.  You can also take part in private music
lessons, music workshops and one on one master classes. We have a
very progressive orchestra-Jazz bands and chorus's which meet daily. If
you then scheduled dance and theater classes you can have a full day of
performing arts training and making new friendships through a common
bond.  We also run live orchestra pits for our musicals which we love to
have campers playing in along side our professionals.

The secret to our success is how comfortable our music campers feel on
stage because of our regular live stage performances. At our summer
music camp you put into practice what you learn both during rehearsals
and our master classes. Our campers gain in personal confidence and a
very positive feeling of self worth and accomplishment being  part of a
group of new friends.

Professional Production Values make you shine
Every summer music production has professional technical and creative
support from the following staff:   ALL THERE FOR YOU!

  • Conductor
  • Costume designer and costumers (6)
  • Props master and constructors (3)
  • Lighting designer and lighting operators (2)
  • Sound engineer
  • Stage manager
  • Backstage wranglers and wireless mike fitters
  • Production coordinator

   Follow your music dreams together..
call us on 1800 767 7111
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Design your own music camp your way!
Only at our summer music camp can you design your
perfect day of music. Our music camp offers you your
choice of instruments to learn and what styles to explore.  
Only you know what you want to do at our music summer

Summer music camp and more..

Long Lake's summer music camp allows  you to follow your
music dreams and learn from dedicated and talented
music staff who can tailor classes to your needs and
desires.  Aspiring musicians aged 10 to 16 come to our
summer music camp to explore music in all its forms. We
offer great music opportunities for both beginners and
advanced musicians.  We have three professional
performance spaces for you to perform regularly in.

Our summer music programs are truly the best you can
find, surrounded by a nurturing camp with professional
instructors and friendly staff.   We accept campers without
auditioning, complimenting our unique non competitive
atmosphere. In this our music campers immerse
themselves and flourish in all forms of music.  Both
beginners and accomplished musicians stand in the  
spotlight at Long Lake summer music camp  Our music
campers enjoy our friendly atmosphere and the fast paced
rehearsal schedule leading up to our spectacular,
professional looking and sounding productions.
Summer Music Camp
Perform Daily in one of our three performing spaces